XOver Trainer


Unlock Elite Basketball Training at Your Fingertips!

The XOver Trainer platform seamlessly integrates the power of the Xrossover Vest and cutting-edge training. Leveraging a cloud-based technology platform with AI vision, it delivers real-time, data-driven analysis for precision in personalized biomechanical assessments—empowering you with unparalleled accuracy right at your fingertips!

This on-demand training is set to redefine the way athletes approach their workouts—accessible anytime, anywhere. All you require is the XrossoverVest and a smartphone or tablet. Much like having a personal basketball coach, you’ll have instructional videos guiding you through skill development, ensuring not just practice, but PERFECT PRACTICE. Bid farewell to developing bad habits when no one’s watching.


Let’s see how the XOver Trainer App works in this quick walkthrough

Get ready to dive into the XOver Trainer app with us! In this video, we’ll take you through one of our layup exercises, showcasing how this revolutionary app, paired with the XrossoverVest, transforms your basketball practice into a personalized journey of skill refinement. Each move you make is a step closer to perfection. Let’s jump in!

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