We intricately design personalized training experiences that cater to athletes of every age and skill level, embracing and elevating the unique strengths of each individual. Your journey to peak performance starts here

Young athletes who are still developing their fundamentals may benefit best from Private Training with one-on-one attention.

Ideal for athletes who learn visually and looking for a little more advanced pace, Group Training may be the best fit. Fostering teamwork and a higher level of competition, our larger group sessions help improve players’ awareness of others on the court.

XrossOver Training FAQs

How long has XrossOver Sports been training athletes?

Since 2007 and all over the world.

Is there private training one-on-one?

Yes, there is private training available in person or via Zoom video calling.

Is there group training available and how big are they?

Group training is available according to age and skill. On average, groups are 15 kids in size.

Can an entire team be trained for a season or session?

Yes, entire teams can be trained and booked in advance.

Are there any seasonal camps available?

Yes, we hold all sorts of season camps you can find on our website or posted about on social media.

How long does a typical training session last?

A typical training lasts 1.5 hours.

How long should we training with XrossOver Sports for?

XrossOver Sports and the XrossOver Vest is meant to keep an athlete in tune and form their entire basketball career.

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