Our patented technology trains your muscle memory and conditions your body to proper form. It trains athletes in the skills of strength conditioning, dribbling accuracy, ball handling precision, and shooting. The vest’ corrects players form and deprograms bad habits.





The band resistance in the vest delivers increased strength in the player’s arms, correcting one-dimensional player habits, enabling advanced dribbling techniques, increasing the range of player motion and good posture, and improving quickness in arm movement and agility.

The training vest is meant to be used at any age and size. As you get taller or get older, your timing becomes different. The vest keeps your timing fine-tuned – delivering better ball handling and shooting skills with ambidexterity.

Who is the XrossOver Vest for?

Our revolutionary product creates a dynamic and personalized training program for athletes, coaches, trainers, and parents.


The vest is a “Wearable Coach” to solve bad habits such as uncontrolled dribbling, one-sidedness, and poor shooting techniques. It is a tool for coaches to use to help players achieve balance and consistency. The program allows coaches to train large-scale groups in a one-to-many approach with consistency, as well.

John Lucas, Houston Rockets assistant coach, impressed by the Xrossover vest, acknowledges founder Danario Edgar’s tireless salesmanship. According to Lucas, ‘Once coaches see the product in action, they’ll be sold. It’s exactly what we’ve been looking for.’

How much does the XrossOver Vest cost?

The vest is only $169 plus state tax if applicable, with a warranty on every component, and available in two different sizes.




Train your muscle memory and unlock your potential with our proper form technology. Adjustable size aligns with both Small and Medium for most children




Train your muscle memory and unlock your potential with our proper form technology. Large aligns with most adult sizes.

XrossOver Vest FAQs

What is the vest?

A light weight basketball training device. It trains an athlete in three major areas of dribbling, shooting and ambidexterity.

What ages is the vest for?

The desired age would be 7 yrs old and up.

How much does the vest cost?

It would be best to spend at least 45 minutes, 4 times a week in the vest to see best results.

How long do I wear the vest?

Believe it or not, within two trainings.

How long until I see improvement?

Yes. They are located on the web site Xrossoversports.com

Can I order replacement parts?

Since 2007 and all over the world.

Do schools use the XrossOver vest?

Multiple schools, Universities, trainers athletes and countries use the vest.

Is there a discount for buying multiple?

It all depends on the number of vests a person buys so call or email us for more info.

Will I be able to receive a refund if needed?

If the vest is not damaged and has not exceeded the days of purchase. Yes.

Is it a weight vest?

The vest is not weighted.

What length should the cords be for your athlete?

The length of the cord should be pulled through hook and tied around when cord and hook meet in center of cord with arms straight down by side.

How do I wash the vest?

Wash vest with dish detergent and pet air dry.

Why do the vest hooks come off?

This is an easy fix. The vest was designed for the wearer to always be in an athletic position and also engage the cords. The more they wear vest the stronger they will get. This problem will fix itself.

It may be time for new ones. The second problem may be a simple look at a video to show how to affix the cords more tighter.

What material is the vest made from?

A patented material called Stomatex.

Is the vest unisex?

Yes. The vest is unisex.

How do the bands work on the vest?

They guide the arms in the right place for distribution and receiving the basketball.

How loose or tight should the vest fit?

The tighter the vest the better the results. The Velcro makes the vest a snug fit.

How do we contact XrossOver Sports?

Email us using the contact form or call 281-865-9348.

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